Reaktionen elektronenarmer Propandinitrile mit N,N'-Diarylacetamidinen und Imidazolderivaten

Reactions of electron-poor dicyanomethylene compounds with N,N'-diraylacetamidines and imidazole derivatives have bee investigated with special emphasis on the reaction mechanism. It could be shown that the compounds react by Michael-Addition-Elimination sequence to the observed spiro-compounds or the observed azepine derivatives. In case of the reaction of 2-dicyanomethylene-1,3-indandion with 2-Methylimidazoles the corresponding products were created by the substitution of one cyano group. All synthezised products may have use as active ingredient in medical products. Furthermore, in case of fluoren derivatives, the spiro compounds can probably used in NLO-applications after methylation of the amino group.



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