Entwicklung und Realisierung einer optischen Übertragungsstrecke für die simultane Signal- und Energieübertragung zur Versorgung eines Netzhautimplantates

This thesis deals with optical signal- and energy transmission with the purpose of the development and realization of an optical interconnection for use in a visual prosthesis (retinal implant. A transmission link with a miniaturized receiver was developed, which was tested at transmission rates between 56 kbit/s and 224 kbit/s and is capable of providing more than 20 mW power. The system consists of the following components: A transmitter circuit generates a controlled current up to 980 mA to supply a laser diode. This current can be modulated with data and clock signals. An optical system secures the function of the link for eye rotations up to 20 deg. The optoelectronic receiver consists of a photo diode (bandwidth > 150 MHz) for signal reception and an array of 12 photovoltaic cells (open circuit voltage 12.6 volts, effi-ciency 31.5 %) for energy reception. These elements are monolithically integrated on a semiconductor substrate. The receiver circuit was developed as a CMOS-ASIC.


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