Rechnerische Simulation der Schiffsbewegung beim Manoevrieren unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Abhaengigkeit von der Wassertiefe

In order to describe the alteration of the ships motion with decreasing water depth different approaches were investigated. Within the simulation the best results can be achieved using the "formulation of a dependency of each coefficient of the mathematical model from the water depth". The motions calculated with this method are very close to those simulated with a set of coefficients derived for a single water depth. The formulation of an exponential equation build up of a constant term and a term describing the dependency from the water depth. The application of the exponential function is demonstrated using sets of coefficients from former manoeuvring investigations and it is tested by simulations with the different mathematical models. In this work a simple and in easy usable approach for the consideration of the water depth in the manoeuvring simulation is presented.



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