Dynamische Dehnungsmessung mit Faser-Gittern

The design of heavy load manipulators, robots, vehicles and aeroplanes is based on linear statics. Therefore the information about the type of stress and the stress vector (stress direction and stress factor) is needed. Modern development strategies demand a reduction of material, so a dimensional constraints with security supplement is no longer possible. To fulfil the requirements for sufficient lifetime and safety the online monitoring of stresses during operation is essential. The discovery by Robert Hooke in 1678 concerning the relation between mechanical stress and strain builds the basis for the experimental measurement of stress via strain sensing. Due to the fine characteristics like the high multiplexibility, the high reliability and small failures optical Fiber-Bragg-Grating (FBG) strain sensors have the potential to substitute conventional strain gauges. In this thesis the design and realisation of FBG sensor networks for online-monitoring of dynamic stresses is observed.


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