OpenSpaces – Zeitschrift für Didaktiken der Geographie

"OpenSpaces - Zeitschrift für Didaktiken der Geographie" is a scientifically based journal for the discussion of theoretical and empirical approaches to geography didactics as well as for the publication of practical examples across the different paradigms of geography didactics. The journal sees itself as a platform for new and critical approaches to didactic theory and practice, especially for young scholars - for students, doctoral candidates and post-docs, regardless of the number of semesters or the progress of a project. Our aim is, in the sense of the journal's title, to create an open space within and beyond geography didactics in order to exchange ideas about concepts of geography didactics beyond university hierarchies. In doing so, we want to give more space to contributions that critically question social and political-economic power asymmetries and their spatial implications.

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