High Chern numbers in a perovskite-derived dice lattice (LaXO₃)₃/(LaAlO₃)₃(111) with X = Ti, Mn and Co

The dice lattice, containing a stack of three triangular lattices, has been proposed to exhibit nontrivial flat bands with nonzero Chern numbers, but unlike the honeycomb lattice it is much less studied. By employing density-functional theory (DFT) calculations with an on-site Coulomb repulsion term, we explore systematically the electronic and topological properties of (LaXO3)3/(LaAlO3)3(111) superlattices with X = Ti, Mn and Co, where a LaAlO3 trilayer spacer confines the LaXO3 (LXO) dice lattice. In the absence of spin-orbit coupling (SOC) with symmetry constrained to P3, the ferromagnetic (FM) phase of the LXO(111) trilayers exhibits a half-metallic band structure with multiple Dirac crossings and coupled electron-hole pockets around the Fermi energy. Symmetry lowering induces a significant rearrangement of bands and triggers a metal-to-insulator transition. Inclusion of SOC leads to a substantial anomalous Hall conductivity (AHC) around the Fermi energy reaching values up to ∼ −3e2/h for X = Mn and Co in P3 symmetry and both in- and out-of-plane magnetization directions in the first case and along [001] in the latter. The dice lattice emerges as a promising playground to realise nontrivial topological phases with high Chern numbers.


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