SCFSKP2 regulates APC/CCDH1-mediated degradation of CTIP to adjust DNA-end resection in G₂-phase

The cell cycle-dependent engagement of DNA-end resection at DSBs is regulated by phosphorylation of CTIP by CDKs, the central regulators of cell cycle transitions. Cell cycle transitions are also intimately regulated by protein degradation via two E3 ubiquitin ligases: SCFSKP2 and APC/CCDH1 complex. Although APC/CCDH1 regulates CTIP in G1– and G2-phase, contributions by SCFSKP2 have not been reported. We demonstrate that SCFSKP2 is a strong positive regulator of resection. Knockdown of SKP2, fully suppresses resection in several cell lines. Notably, this suppression is G2-phase specific and is not observed in S-phase or G1–phase cells. Knockdown of SKP2 inactivates SCFSKP2 causing APC/CCDH1 activation, which degrades CTIP. The stabilizing function of SCFSKP2 on CTIP promotes resection and supports gene conversion (GC), alternative end joining (alt-EJ) and cell survival. We propose that CDKs and SCFSKP2-APC/CCDH1 cooperate to regulate resection and repair pathway choice at DSBs in G2-phase.


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