Theorizing nonbinary identity management: Helana Darwin’s “Redoing Gender”

Universität Bielefeld
Schulz, Leonie

Increasing societal visibility of trans people has been accompanied by a rise in the visibility of trans people in academia, with a growing number of scholars doing research on, and most importantly (but not to be taken for granted), for trans people. Heretofore, the experiences of nonbinary people have not been considered to the same extent as those of (trans) binary people [1]. Helana Darwin replenishes the existing literature on nonbinary people with her book Redoing Gender: How Nonbinary Gender Contributes Toward Social Change, pursuing the question of “how people ‘do gender’ beyond the binary, if they are neither men nor women” (Darwin 2022: 3). As such, Redoing Gender is one of the most extensive studies on nonbinary people.

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