Acute traumatic patellar tendon rupture and simultaneous fracture of the tibial tubercle avulsion in a premature soccer player

Bone-tendon junctions are prone for acute trauma due to its structural weakness, especially in premature males. For the lower limb, the most eminent area is the tibial tubercle apophysis. Osgood Schlatter disease (OSD) due to repetitive trauma or epiphyseal fractures due to one trauma is well described in literature and known in practice. Traumatic distal patella tendon ruptures on the other hand are a typical injury of the knee extensor mechanism of mature patients in the fourth decade. Here, the very rare condition of fracture of the tibial tubercle apophysis with simultaneous rupture of the distal patellar tendon of a 15 year old soccer player with previous history of OSD is presented including a review of the recent literature.


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