Framework for the design of Competency Oriented Business Simulations (COBS)

The primary motive frequently mentioned in the context of the conceptualization of business simulations is the general aim of  promoting the cognitive and affective learning. Objectives of business simulations are, e.g., the advancement of social aptitudes or the pooling of arguments and facts to reach the best possible result. These examples demonstrate that a business simulation in general furthers certain competencies indeed, but it is not taken into consideration whether it complies with the current professional needs of the target group.

In view of this, business simulations achieve high relevance in the context of the current discussions on competencies and their acquisition. However, within the current developments an appropriate basis is needed to increase the quality of business simulation concepts in general. Therefore, business simulations have to gain orientation towards valid and reliably developed, target group-oriented models of competency.

The presented development framework is a tool for designers of competency-oriented business simulations that allows the easy integration of occupationally demanded competency standards into business simulation models.

Beyond this, the framework also offers the extraordinary advantage of modular and expandable business simulations, which are suitable for a significant number of user groups.

Consequently, business simulation designers will be in the position to address one or more competencies with one model only.


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