Chameleon Business Simulation : Digital Learning with an Online-Simulation for Education in Construction Business

E-learning and -teaching concepts have become an important part in further and academic education. Such approaches enable the participants to develop skills and talents as well as experience and attitudes from numerous sources to one comprehensive overall context independently from time and space.

The online business simulation Chameleon offers the possibility to increase the level of difficulty and include additional assignments based on the elucidated competency models in order to be able to adjust the configuration during gameplay.

Chameleon was developed and conducted by the author and takes place in a mandatory elective course in the second term (spring) of the master program Construction Management and Economics.

It deals with content of the following compulsory courses: Building Contract Law, Project Management, Investment and Financing, Operations Management and Corporate Governance.

Analyzes of already conducted Chameleon sessions show a significant increases of competencies among the participants.

Considering additional data, it seems that an E-learning and -teaching concept based on an online business simulation offers indeed an additional benefit for the students.


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