The interplay of local electron correlations and ultrafast spin dynamics in fcc Ni

Lojewski, Tobias; Elhanoty, Mohamed F.; Le Guyader, Loïc; Grånäs, Oscar; Agarwal, Naman; Boeglin, Christine; Carley, Robert; Castoldi, Andrea; David, Christian; Deiter, Carsten; Döring, Florian; Engel, Robin Y.; Erdinger, Florian; Fangohr, Hans;
Fiorini, Carlo; Fischer, Peter; Gerasimova, Natalia; Gort, Rafael; deGroot, Frank; Hansen, Karsten; Hauf, Steffen; Hickin, David; Izquierdo, Manuel; Van Kuiken, Benjamin E.; Kvashnin, Yaroslav; Lambert, Charles-Henri; Lomidze, David; Maffessanti, Stefano; Mercadier, Laurent; Mercurio, Giuseppe; Miedema, Piter S.; Ollefs, Katharina; Pace, Matthias; Porro, Matteo; Rezvani, Javad; Rösner, Benedikt;
Rothenbach, Nico; Samartsev, Andrey; Scherz, Andreas; Schlappa, Justina; Stamm, Christian; Teichmann, Martin; Thunström, Patrik; Turcato, Monica; Yaroslavtsev, Alexander; Zhu, Jun; Beye, Martin; Wende, Heiko;
Bovensiepen, Uwe; Eriksson, Olle; Eschenlohr, Andrea

The complex electronic structure of metallic ferromagnets is determined by a balance betweenexchange interaction, electron hopping leading to band formation, and local Coulomb repulsion.By combining high energy and temporal resolution in femtosecond time-resolvedX-ray absorp-tion spectroscopy withab initiotime-dependent density functional theory we analyze the electronicstructure in fcc Ni on the time scale of these interactions in a pump-probe experiment. We distin-guish transient broadening and energy shifts in the absorption spectra, which we demonstrate to becaptured by electron repopulation respectively correlation-induced modifications of the electronicstructure, requiring to take the local Coulomb interaction into account.

We demonstrate that local correlations are essential for the transient electronic structure of optically excited Ni; paving the way for analyzing these interactions on their intrinsic timescales in correlated materials.


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