Needs and Demands for eHealth Pain Management Interventions in Chronic Pain Patients

Although chronic pain is a global health problem, the current care situation is often inadequate. eHealth offers many advantages as an additional option for treating chronic pain. Yet, an intervention’s efficacy can only be fully exhausted if patients intend to use it. This study aims to identify the needs and demands of patients with chronic pain regarding intervention concepts and frameworks to develop specifically tailored eHealth pain management interventions. A cross-sectional study was conducted, including 338 individuals with chronic pain. Within the cohort, a distinction between a high- and a low-burden group was made. Respondents generally preferred a permanently accompanying mobile app, but the preferred content varied with group. According to the majority, interventions should be made available on smartphones, offer sessions once per week with a duration from 10 to 30 min, and be recommended by experts. These results can provide the basis for future eHealth pain management interventions tailored to the patients’ needs and demands.


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