Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Detection : A Bibliometric Analysis and Avenues for Future Research

After cardiovascular diseases, cancer is responsible for the most deaths worldwide. Detecting a cancer disease early improves the chances for healing significantly. One group of technologies that is increasingly applied for detecting cancer is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has great potential to support clinicians and medical practitioners as it allows for the early detection of carcinomas. During recent years, research on artificial intelligence for cancer detection grew a lot. Within this article, we conducted a bibliometric study of the existing research dealing with the application of artificial intelligence in cancer detection. We analyzed 6450 articles on that topic that were published between 1986 and 2022. By doing so, we were able to give an overview of this research field, including its key topics, relevant outlets, institutions, and articles. Based on our findings, we developed a future research agenda that can help to advance research on artificial intelligence for cancer detection. In summary, our study is intended to serve as a platform and foundation for researchers that are interested in the potential of artificial intelligence for detecting cancer.


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