Quantitative determination of the electric field strength in a plasmon focus from ponderomotive energy shifts

Spectroscopic photoemission microscopy is used to detect and quantify a ponderomotive shift in the energy of electrons that are emitted from a surface plasmon polariton focus. The focus is formed on an atomically flat Au(111) surface by an Archimedean spiral and is spatiotemporally separated from the circularly polarized light pulse used to excite the spiral. A spectroscopic analysis of electrons emitted from the focus exhibits a peaked above-threshold electron emission spectrum. From the shift of the peaks as function of laser power the field strength of the surface plasmon polariton was quantitatively determined without free parameters. Estimations of the Keldysh parameter γ = 4.4 and the adiabaticity parameter δ = 4700 indicate that electron emission occurs in a regime of multiplasmon absorption and nonlocalized surface plasmon fields.


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