Transition in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) : A German Consensus Recommendation

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is considered a rare disease in Germany. Due to the increasing prevalence, the acute and chronic morbidities associated with the disease and the sharp increase in the mortality rate of young adults, a need-based transition structure for patients with SCD in Germany is explicitly required. This is the first multicenter German consensus statement addressing the importance of implementing a standardized transition guideline that allows adolescents and young adults to safely transition from pediatric to adult care. Early identification of medical needs and intervention remains important in the context of chronic diseases. Effective measures can improve health care in general, as they lead to a reduction in disease and the consequential economic burden. It is noteworthy that improving structural barriers remains a key challenge even in highly developed countries such as Germany. Inclusion of these transition services for patients with SCD into the regular care of chronically ill adolescents and young adults should be ensured, as well as the coverage of costs associated with a structured transition process.


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