TFF1 in Aqueous Humor : A Potential New Biomarker for Retinoblastoma

Retinoblastoma (RB) is the most common childhood eye cancer. The expression of trefoil factor family peptide 1 (TFF1), a small secreted peptide, has been correlated with more advanced RB stages and it might be a promising new candidate as a RB biomarker. The study presented addressed the question of if TFF1 is detectable in aqueous humor (AH) of RB patients' eyes, providing easy accessibility as a diagnostic and/or therapy accompanying predictive biomarker. The TFF1 expression status of 15 retinoblastoma AH samples was investigated by ELISA and Western blot analyses. The results were correlated with the TFF1 expression status in the tumor of origin and compared to TFF1 expression in established corresponding primary tumor cell cultures and supernatants. Nine out of fifteen AH patient samples exhibited TFF1 expression, which correlated well with TFF1 levels of the original tumor. TFF1 expression in most of the corresponding primary cell cultures reflects the levels of the original tumor, although not all TFF1-expressing tumor cells seem to secret into the AH. Together, our findings strongly suggest TFF1 as a reliable new RB biomarker.


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