A Novel Mobile Platform Enhances Motivation and Satisfaction of Academic Teachers

With rising numbers of students, shorter hospital stays and increasing workload of academic teachers, teaching time have become a scarce resource. Thus, optimal preparation by teachers is key for good clinical teaching. Though a lot of teaching duties are performed by residents in Germany, they are not likely to have been educated in didactic techniques. We developed and evaluated a mobile teaching application using the "Learning Toolbox (LTB)" platform (Raycom BV, Utrecht, Netherlands) that was offered to academic teachers for preparation and support during curricular courses at our medical school. Courses were part of the curricula in Anaesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, and Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, and course length could vary up to 40 h per week. Information provided by the novel platform included logistic information, learning objectives, and curricula for the individual courses. A basic tutorial on didactic techniques, suggestions for providing feedback and for enhancing students' participation was also part of the platform. After one semester, interviews with teachers indicated an increase in overall satisfaction. Residents appreciated didactic aids and content provided for preparation, leading to higher motivation and self-confidence. The more experienced teachers were particularly satisfied with easy access to scheduling, teaching assignments and daily planning. The app increased teachers' satisfaction with their performance and enabled better integration of teaching in the daily schedule.


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