Immunotherapies in chronic adhesive arachnoiditis : A case series and literature review

Chronic spinal adhesive arachnoiditis (CSAA) is a rare condition with limited therapeutic options. Surgical treatment proves effective in approximately 60% of cases. Conservative treatment options have not been extensively investigated. Here, we report the course of the disease, analyze the effect of immune treatments in patients with CSAA who were treated in the University Hospital Essen between 2015 and 2020, and conduct a literature review. Three out of four patients showed no improvement after treatment with corticosteroids, methotrexate, or plasmapheresis. All non-responders suffered from CSAA for several years, while one patient who had a disease duration of less than one month fully recovered. It is necessary to verify whether treatment at an early stage of the disease is better than treatment after chronic adhesion manifestation, as it interrupts the development of adhesions and all subsequent complications.


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