Attaining Durability in the European Resettlement Regime : the Role of Norms and Values

Malmö University (Sweden)
Jerve Ramsøy, Ingrid;
Malmö University (Sweden)
Böhm, Franziska;
Centre for Migration Studies (CeBaM), Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland)
Kujawa, Izabela

The Policy Research Alert presented here is a companion piece to a longer report titled Attaining Durability in the European Resettlement Regime: The Role of Norms and Values.

In our study, we have analysed ideas, practices and actors within what we call the European resettlement regime. This is a system that involves the different actors and phases of resettlement – from selection in first countries of asylum to the reception of resettlement beneficiaries and their integration in receiving municipali-ties.

Our analysis is based on interviews and participant observation with actors involved in all steps of resettlement to Germany and Sweden and with local and international organizations in countries of first asylum (Lebanon and Turkey), as well as on comparative insights from the USA.

Our research has been done within the Horizon 2020-funded project Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis (NoVaMigra), which asks whether and how the large arrival of asylum seekers in 2015 has had an impact on European norms and values.

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