Mean-line analysis for supercritical CO2 centrifugal compressors by using enthalpy loss coefficients

In order to develop the technology of carbon dioxide at so-called supercritical state (sCO2)  further, quick and reliable design tools for the different system components, e.g. centrifugal compressors, are required. In this study, a computer program is developed to predict the performance of centrifugal compressors with sCO2 as working fluid. This computer program is based on mean-line analysis, calculates the fluid parameters at selected sections of the meridional plane and plots the performance maps. So-called enthalpy loss coefficients are utilized to describe the difference between the isentropic and the polytropic process. In addition to previous studies, the presented model intends to predict the performance of sCO2 centrifugal compressor with a shrouded impeller and a vaneless diffuser. For this purpose, corresponding loss coefficients are incorporated. Subsequently, the predicted results of this work are compared and validated with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and experimental results from the EU-project sCO2-HeRo. The prediction of the computer program fits within 5% deviation to the CFD results, and about 4% to the experimental results regarding to pressure ratio.


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