Die Hochleistungsbatterie : Eine Schlüsselkomponente für die Elektromobilität

Die Energiespeicherung ist eine der größten Herausforderungen für die Zukunft der Energieversorgung. Am Zentrum für BrennstoffzellenTechnik (ZBT GmbH) in Duisburg existiert ein breites Spektrum der Forschung zum intelligenten Batteriemanagement, die chemisches und ingenieurwissenschaftliches Wissen voraussetzt.
Energy storage in general will be a challenge for future energy supply structures. Electromobility will be one piece of the puzzle to substitute fossil energy carriers with renewable options. High power, high energy Li ion batteries are of immanent importance, in order to achieve the ambitious goals of sufficient driving range and driving comfort. New material compositions and structures are being developed and characterized within cooperative projects (LIVE-project, see http:// www.lib2015.de/). High voltage and high capacity materials are known in principle, but the requirements with respect to cycle life and safety, even in case of accidents, has to be proven. There is huge need for further R&D, and Germany needs to catch up with the leading battery groups worldwide, working mainly in Japan, Korea, the USA, France and China.
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