Prächtig gediehen? : Die Europäische Union in der Karikatur

Die Europäische Union im Wandel der Zeiten analysiert Claudia Hiepel anhand einiger Karikaturen, die „Milestones“ des immer noch andauernden europäischen Integrationsprozesses darstellen.
Caricatures and cartoons are deeply rooted in European tradition. Their history is closely linked to the formation of the liberal democratic public and its forms of communication. Europe itself, commonly synonymous with European integration, is traditionally an important subject for European cartoonists. This essay focuses on the history of the process of political integration in Western Europe seen through the lens of European cartoonists. It sets out to present a representative selection of cartoons from different stages in the historical process and from different national points of view. Cartoons by their nature cast a critical light on mistakes of personalities or institutions. Furthermore, they represent the view on Europe that is held by public opinion. The essay argues and tries to demonstrate that cartoons are a valuable source for historians on the perception of the history of European integration. It is hence a plea for taking cartoons seriously as a source of historical research.
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