Wet-chemical synthesis of different bismuth telluride nanoparticles using metal organic precursors - single source vs. dual source approach.

Thermolysis of the single source precursor (Et2Bi)2Te in DIPB at 80 °C yielded phase-pure Bi4Te3 nanoparticles, while mixtures of Bi4Te3 and elemental Bi were formed at higher temperatures. In contrast, cubic Bi2Te particles were obtained by thermal decomposition of Et2BiTeEt in DIPB. Moreover, a dual source approach (hot injection method) using the reaction of Te(SiEt3)2 and Bi(NMe2)3 was applied for the synthesis of different pure Bi-Te phases including Bi2Te, Bi4Te3 and Bi2Te3, which were characterized by PXRD, REM, TEM and EDX. The influence of reaction temperature, precursor molar ratio and thermolysis conditions on the resulting material phase was verified. Moreover, reactions of alternate bismuth precursors such as Bi(NEt2)3, Bi(NMeEt)3 and BiCl3 with Te(SiEt3)2 were investigated.


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