Solid-State Structures of Trialkylbismuthines BiR3 (R = Me, i-Pr)

Schulz, Stephan GND; Kuczkowski, Andreas GND; Bläser, Dieter; Wölper, Christoph GND; Jansen, Georg GND; Haack, Rebekka LSF

Two trialkylbismuthines BiR3 (R = Me (1), i-Pr (2)) were structurally characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Single crystals were grown using an IR-laser-assisted technique. 1 forms short intermolecular Bi···Bi interactions in the solid state, which were further investigated through quantum chemical computations with ab initio coupled cluster and dispersion-corrected density functional methods.

Dedicated to Prof. Gerald Henkel on the occasion of his 65th birthday.


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Schulz, S., Kuczkowski, A., Bläser, D., Wölper, C., Jansen, G., Haack, R., 2020. Solid-State Structures of Trialkylbismuthines BiR3 (R = Me, i-Pr).
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