Syntheses and Solid State Structures of Bis(dialkylstibanyl)Sulfanes and Telluranes

Distibines Sb2R4 (R = Me, Et) react with elemental chalcogens (E = S, Se, Te) with insertion into the Sb–Sb bond and formation of the corresponding bis(dialkylstibanyl)sulfanes, ‐selenanes, and ‐telluranes (R2Sb)2E. The structures of (Et2Sb)2S (1), (Et2Sb)2Te (3), and (Me2Sb)2Te (4) were determined by single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction. The complexes either adopt a synsyn (1, 4) or synanti conformation (3) in the solid state. In addition, the compounds have different intermolecular interaction modes, which depend on the bridging chalcogen and the organic substituent bound to the Sb atoms.

Dedicated to Prof. Werner Uhl on the occasion of his 60th birthday.



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