Structural Characterization of Amidinatobismuth(III) Diazides

Bläser, Dieter; Lyhs, Benjamin GND; Bläser, Dieter; Wölper, Christoph GND; Haack, Rebekka LSF; Jansen, Georg GND; Schulz, Stephan GND

Amidinatobismuth(III) diazides LBi(N3)2 {L1 = [tBuC(NiPr)2] (2), L2 = [tBuC(NDipp)2] (3, Dipp = 2,6‐iPr2‐C6H3)} were synthesized in high yields by metathesis reactions of the corresponding halide‐substituted complexes L1BiI2 (1) and L2BiCl2 with AgN3. Compounds 13 were characterized by using elemental analyses, multinuclear NMR (1H, 13C), and IR spectroscopy as well as by using single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction (for 2, 3).


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Bläser, D., Lyhs, B., Bläser, D., Wölper, C., Haack, R., Jansen, G., Schulz, S., 2020. Structural Characterization of Amidinatobismuth(III) Diazides.
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