Synthesis and X‐ray Crystal Structures of Homoleptic Zinc Complexes Containing Monoanionic β‐Ketoiminato and Bis­(thiophosphinoyl)methanediide Ligands

Homoleptic zinc complexes of the type L2Zn containing monoanionic β‐ketoiminate and bis(thiophosphinoyl)methanide substituents were synthesized in almost quantitative yield by reaction of HC(CMe)2(O)(N(H)CH2CH2NMe2) and H2C(PPh2=S)2 with zincocene Cp*2Zn at ambient temperature. The reactions proceeded with elimination of Cp*H. [HC(CMe)2(O)(NCH2CH2NMe2)]2Zn (1) and [HC(PPh2=S)2]2Zn (2) were characterized by NMR (1H, 13C, 31P) and IR spectroscopy as well as elemental analysis and single crystal X‐ray diffraction. 1 and 2 were also obtained in reactions of dizincocene, Cp*2Zn2, with two equivalents of the ligands. The reactions proceeded with disproportionation of initially formed monovalent dizinc complexes.

Dedicated to Prof. R. Hoppe on the Occasion of his 90th Birthday.


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