[t-BuC(Ni-Pr)2]2Zn as Starting Reagent for Monoamidinate Zinc Complexes [t-BuC(Ni-Pr)2]ZnX

Reaction of the bisamidinate zinc complex [t-BuC(Ni-Pr)2]2Zn 1 with ZnMe2
yielded the corresponding monoamidinate zinc complex {[t-BuC(Ni-Pr)2]ZnMe}2 2. 2
reacts with iodine with formation of {[t-BuC(Ni-Pr)2]ZnI}2 3). 2 and 3 both adopt
dimeric structures in the solid state as was shown by single crystal X-ray analyses. 2
and 3 were characterized by elemental analyses, mass and multinuclear (1H, 13C{1H})
NMR spectroscopy (1H, 13C). In addition, X-ray crystal structures of 1 – 3 are reported.


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