Synthesis and Characterization of β-Diketiminate Zinc Complexes

The monomeric β‐diketiminate zinc complex (Mes)NacNacZnMe 1 (MesNacNac = {[2,6‐(2,4,6‐Me3‐C6H2)N(Me)C)]2CH}) was obtained in almost quantitative yield from the reaction of ZnMe2 with (Mes)NacNacH. Reaction of 1 with either Me3NHCl or a solution of HCl in Et2O yielded (Mes)NacNacZnCl 2, whereas (Mes)NacNacZnI 3 was obtained from the reaction of 1 with I2. 13 were characterized by elemental analyses, mass and multinuclear (1H, 13C{1H}) NMR spectroscopy, 3·THF also by single crystal X‐ray analysis.

Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Edgar Niecke on the occasion of his 70. birthday.


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