High-Resolution Long-Range THz Imaging for Tunable Continuous-Wave Systems

Imaging in the terahertz frequency range has attracted growing interests since the first image of a leaf more than 20 years ago, due to its countless applications in basic and applied research, medical imaging, and nondestructive testing. However, most terahertz imaging approaches rely on focusing optics which require knowledge about the imaging scene before the actual imaging takes place. Further, imaging is mostly restricted to short distances and high resolution is only achieved for systems with a high bandwidth. Here, we present a method that enables high-resolution imaging of small metallic and dielectric objects at distances up to 2 m based on a synthetic aperture. We derive a simple approximation for the resolution of partial circular synthetic apertures with limited bandwidth. The bandwidth limitation is encountered by replacing the measured signals with replica signals of high bandwidth and equal round-trip time so that the resolution is only limited by the carrier frequency and signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement system.


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