Dyeing of m-Aramid Fibers in Ionic Liquids.

Aramids represent a class of high-performance fibers with outstanding properties and manifold technical applications, e.g., in flame-retardant protective clothing for firefighters and soldiers. However, the dyeing of aramid fibers is accompanied by several economic and ecological disadvantages, resulting in a high consumption of water, energy and chemicals. In this study, a new and innovative dyeing procedure for m-aramid fibers using ionic liquids (ILs) is presented. The most relevant parameters of IL-dyed fibers, such as tensile strength, elongation and fastness towards washing, rubbing and light, were determined systematically. In summary, all aramid textiles dyed in ILs show similar or even better results than the conventionally dyed samples. In conclusion, we have successfully paved the way for a new, eco-friendly and more sustainable dyeing process for aramids in the near future.


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