Real-Time Cable Force Calculation beyond the Wrench-Feasible Workspace

Under special circumstances, a cable-driven parallel robot (CDPR) may leave its wrench-feasible-workspace. Standard approaches for the computation of set-point cable forces are likely to fail in this case. The novel nearest corner method for calculating appropriate cable forces when the CDPR is outside of its wrench-feasible-workspace was introduced in former work of the authors. The obtained cable force distributions aim at continuity and generate wrenches close to the desired values. The method employs geometrical operations in the cable force space and promises real-time usability because of its non-iterative structure. In a simplified simulation, a cable break scenario was used to carry out more detailed testing of the method regarding different parameters, a higher number of cables, and the numerical efficiency. A brief discussion about the continuity of the method when entering the wrench-feasible-workspace is presented.


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