Report on webinar series on EU migration and refugee policy between populism and societal transformations

John Wesley Theological College Budapest (Hungary)
Gedő, Éva;
John Wesley Theological College Budapest (Hungary)
Szentpéteri Nagy, Richard
This report is summarizing the NOVAMIGRA Webinar Series on EU Migration and Refugee Policy Be-tween Populism and Societal Transformation which is part of NOVAMIGRA’s Work Package 2: Values in European Migration and Refugee Policy. The purpose of the Webinar series was to facilitate the understanding of the relation between the increasing populist tendencies in Europe and migration. The Webinars invited a few external experts along with a NOVAMIGRA member to introduce the con-cept of populism from different aspects and to shed light on the way populism was used, particularly how populist politicians, parties and movements instrumentalized migration to gain power.
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