Wahlplakat-Busting. Formen und Funktionen einer (neuen) Textmustermischung

Michel, Sascha GND; Pappert, Steffen GND

From a linguistic point of view, this article deals with election poster busting, a widespread practice in which the elements of the text type “election poster” and its text-image-combinations are alienated by processes of resemiotisation. In addition to a corpus-based typology of the practices used in this context, a qualitative analysis of case studies from the Bundestag election campaign 2017 shows that satirical-playful, thematic-discursive and successive (and thus complex) alienation practices are carried out during poster busting. Depending on the respective practices, this can lead to differently pronounced blend of text pattern, i. e. Textmustermischungen (Fix 2008a), which are characterized by a change in content and function. Thus, the function of CAMPAIGNING, which is written into the original poster, is surpassed by that of CRITICISING which not only questions the individual poster but also the communicative power relations in the public space.


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Michel, S., Pappert, S., 2018. Wahlplakat-Busting. Formen und Funktionen einer (neuen) Textmustermischung. https://doi.org/10.1515/zfal-2018-0002
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