Der verheißungsvolle Kontext und seine Leistungen bei der Erschließung von Wortbedeutungen

Institut für Germanistik
Haß, Ulrike

The paper addresses the problems learners (L1) have to encounter while deducing word meaning from a given (written) context. The first part presents a theoretical model of context for that purpose. The main parts show the results of two approaches: First, a typical text from a schoolbook is examined to point out the principal potential of a text to deduce the meanings of words unknown to the reader. The second approach presents the results of an empirical study with more than 400 students, who were asked to mark unknown words and helpful context elements in a given text. The results of both approaches point at major and minor strategies of readers when looking for explanations of word meanings. Finally, a typical context seems to be much less helpful than teachers lean on.


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