Wooden Penetrating Pelvic Trauma Passing the Foramen Ischiadicum

Abel, Benedikt Ruben GND; Meyer, Heinz-Lothar GND; Müller, Roman GND; Henze, Katharina GND; Dudda, Marcel GND; Kauther, Max Daniel GND

We describe the case of a 45-year-old woman who suffered an impalement injury of the pelvis with penetration of the sciatic foramen by a wooden foreign body. Following a single operation, the injury healed without complications or infection. We have taken this as an opportunity to describe the case and our standard procedure in more detail.

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Abel, Benedikt / Meyer, Heinz-Lothar / Müller, Roman / et al: Wooden Penetrating Pelvic Trauma Passing the Foramen Ischiadicum. 2019.

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