Long-term Central Asia Communication Strategy

This is a long-term Central Asia communication strategy for the future promotion of the region and its role for Europe beyond the lifetime of the SEnECA project. It presents recommendations for various stakeholders of EU-Central Asia relations on how to increase awareness of and knowledge on Central Asia in Europe, and how these activities can be supported on the political level. It is directed at the European Commission as well as at stakeholders in media, education and research, and business, which impart the image on Central Asia in Europe.

The paper proposes an overarching and comprehensive narrative of Central Asia in the EU that can serve as a common base for the communication activities through the different channels and by the different actors. The recommendations include, among others, the use of a comprehensive and consistent picture of the EU’s interest in Central Asia and its desired relationship with the region as well as a common wording for communicating that picture; the streamlining of the EU-Central Asia relations on the EU’s websites; the adherence of all EU member states to the developed common picture and wording; and the fostering of a balanced coverage of Central Asia in media, education and research.

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