Driving augmented reality: GeoGebra's new AR features in teaching mathematics

Trappmair, Andreas; Hohenwarter, Markus

Over the last few years augmented reality has matured from a niche technology with sophisticated hardware in special laboratories to a mobile mass product requiring only standard smartphones. Research on this topic raised some crucial difficulties that come along with the adoption of augmented reality especially for education. This contribution aims to describe in part how the newly developed features of the GeoGebra Augmented Reality mobile application can be used in mathematics education. Previous problems of augmented reality applications are discussed, examples for in-class tasks are presented and possible future research projects in the field are outlined. Thus, this contribution can inspire other researchers and educators to design their own augmented reality applications or related content for learning and teaching mathematics.


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Trappmair, A., Hohenwarter, M., 2020. Driving augmented reality: GeoGebra’s new AR features in teaching mathematics. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching – ICTMT 14. https://doi.org/10.17185/duepublico/70752
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