Auf dem Weg zur Weltmusik : Appropriation, Expropriation und Transkulturalität

Dieser Beitrag wendet das Prinzip der Fusion auf eine „Musikrichtung“ an, die Verschmelzung zum Programm macht und per se als Hybrid angelegt ist: World Music oder Weltmusik.
There are few areas where the term “fusion” is better applied than in the domain of music. It often happens that two musically heterogenous styles will fuse and melt together in a hybrid mixture, creating something completely new and independent of the constituent parts. This article examines the historical development of World Music by looking at African examples of such cases. The text proposes an analysis that neither romanticizes the appropriation of music from former colonies and ethnic groups; nor does it make any accusations regarding its expropriation. World Music 2.0 is ultimately identified as an a priori hybrid performance of music.
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