Von einem Polymer, Nitinol und poröser Keramik : Erfahrungen mit 18 Jahren Patentanmeldungen

Auf eine längere Patenthistorie kann Matthias Epple zurückblicken. Schon als Habilitand meldete er sein erstes Patent an. In diesem Beitrag berichtet er über 18 Jahre unterschiedlichste Bedingungen und Konstellationen für Patentanmeldungen.

Patents are an interesting area for scientists as a supplement to publications in scientific journals. Research contracts with companies always take the issue of intellectual property (IP) into account. This can lead to extensive and lengthy negotiations between the University and the company, before a research contract can be signed, and of course before any IP is generated. As employee of the University, the inventor typically helps to design the contract and the patent application, in the case of a successful research during the time of the contract. If a patent is commercialized, the inventor typically receives a modest compensation for his efforts. This has changed in the past 18 years. I have filed my first patent all alone, without help or financial contribution by the University, but retaining all rights (and running costs) associated with it. Inventors typically do not become rich, but experience with patents and the corresponding negotiations helps to get research contracts from companies.

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