Nutzung und Nutzen kultureller Affinität in der Marketingkommunikation : das Fallbeispiel Japan

Affinity is a new construct in international marketing theory, analyzing if positive attitudes towards countries can influence consumers willingness to buy in a positive way. While traditional country-of-origin research builds mostly on associations with the technological capabilities and the quality of products from certain nations, the affinity construct is grounded in a general liking of another countries culture.</br> This research is the first to analyze country affinity using existing brands from Japan. Using structural equation modeling, apart from proofing that country affinity exists and that it elevates the willingness to buy of consumers regardless of brand name and product category, its influence on brand purchase values as well as its antecedents in regard of the targeted country Japan are addressed. Finally, the results are discussed in context of their real live applicability as well as further research opportunities.


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