IT Technologies for Inland Waterway Transport : Deliverable No. 1.1 State-of-the-Art Report

The following document “IT-technologies on Inland Waterway Transport” is the first deliverable (Nr. 1.1.) of the project ST4W and depicts the highest level of general development on the scientific field of IT-technologies on Inland Waterway Transport at the time the ST4W project began. This review approached the different technologies existing in inland waterway environment, with a focus on data standards used and the level of interoperability between these Information and Communication Technologies. For the compilation of the study, a comprehensive desk research, consultation of public accessible documents, relevant studies and publications was carried out. Primary information was collected through semi-structured expert interviews. The report is organized as follows: On the second chapter, a brief introduction of the ST4W project is presented with objectives, technological contribution and expected benefits and impact. On the third chapter, the inland waterway transportation system is introduced for the general reader with an explanation of the organizational frame of transport chains in inland waterways. On the forth chapter, project partners has identified and analyzed the organizational and technological trends that could have an impact on the development of ST4W tools. Here are new developments of IT technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and virtual/augmented reality as well as new trends on the organization of inland waterway transport such as syncromodality, cooperation and sustainability discussed. Further, the theoretical knowledge won was enhanced with 18 leaflets of on-going and closed EU projects related to inland waterway navigation systems in Europe. Chapter 5 is a comprehensive overview of the highest level of general development of Information Technologies used by inland waterway stakeholders for the management of: 1. Freight resources, 2. Terminal and port information, 3. Freight and fleet tracking, 4. Integrated exchange platforms. On chapter 6, projects partners do valuable reflections about the obstacles and opportunities for the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies on the inland waterway transport system with significant relevance for the successful execution of ST4W project. To sensitise about threats and potential factors that could influence the development of ST4W solutions on a positives as well a negative way, we gathered lessons from past completed projects similar to ST4W gained from project partners experiences. We finalize the report with conclusions.


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