Political and security relations - Mapping EU-Central Asia relations

Gussarova, Anna GND (edt.); Andžāns, Māris GND (edt.)

This paper discusses the political and security relations among the countries of Central Asia on the one hand and the European Union (EU) and selected member states on the other. First, the institu-tional dimension and priorities of the EU as a whole are analysed to uncover the role of Central Asia in the documents and practices of the EU institutions. Then, the current state of play in political relations, as well as in security and military relations is assessed.
Six EU member states – Latvia, Poland, Germany, Finland, France and Italy – that have shown particular interest in the EU-Central Asia relations are analysed as separate cases to demonstrate their underpinning interests and accomplishments in relation with the five Central Asian countries (the selection of these countries provides both geographical and political-economic size balance).

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Political and security relations - Mapping EU-Central Asia relations. 2018.

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