Whole-Body Vibration Improves the Accuracy of Motor Performance

Several studies showed changes in motor control performance following whole-body vibrations. It is difficult to compare the results and conclusions from studies in the literature, because they often use different experimental protocols. We conducted a series of four studies with a similar protocol to investigate the acute effect of whole-body vibrations on balance control, accuracy of movement execution, and cognitive attention and concentration. We found an increase in balancing time for a one-leg standing task with closed eyes. Two subsequent studies revealed a better accuracy in motor performance for jumping onto a target and improved hand coordination during the task of aiming with a laser pointer onto a target. In the fourth study no acute changes in cognitive attention and concentration was found following whole-body vibrations. Therefore, it appears that motor control areas in the brain benefit from whole-body vibrations whereas more complex brain structures do not cause an increase in attention or cognitive performance.


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