Probability of Coverage Based Analysis of Distributed Antenna System and its Implementation on LTE Based Real-Time-Testbed

Institut f ¨ur Digitale Signalverarbeitung Universit¨at Duisburg-Essen 47057 Duisburg, Germany
Peethala, Daniel; Zarifeh, Nidal;
Kaiser, Thomas

Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs) provide solutions to the future wireless challenges targeted for 5G systems using distributed remote radio heads (RRHs). In the case of a multi-user DAS, the sum rate can be increased by pairing the UEs with specific RRHs, thereby facilitating independent transmissions from different RRHs. In this work, probability of coverage metric is derived and used for the analysis of different DAS scenarios using selection transmission (ST) based pairing. This work also describes PHY level modelling of processing blocks, implementation details, hardware and procedures for DAS based on 3GPP LTE. The implementation details of realtime LTE based DAS testbed besides the relevant LTE procedures for the deployment of DAS are presented. Verification of the LTE based DAS testbed is achieved using the vector signal analyzer (VSA) software running on Keysight's mixed signal analyzer (MXA) and commercial LTE UEs. The results of our analysis based on probability of coverage metric in different DAS scenarios, i.e., with varied number of remote radio heads (RRHs) and targeted SINR at different UE positions are presented.


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