From supramolecular networks to a pH-switchable Dendrimer as a potential Drug Carrier

The objective of this work is to synthesize a templated supramolecular dendrimer that is stable in aqueous solution and hence can be investigated regarding its ability to be used as nano transporters in biomedical applications. Classical dendrimers already proved to be a promising class of polymers for applications such as nano-carriers among many others. A supramolecular dendrimer however can be specifically tailored to react on certain external stimuli to obtain a controlled release, whereas the stability in water is challenging using the supramolecular approach. In the course of this thesis it was possible to develop a pH switchable templated dendrimer which proved to solubilize reasonable amounts of two different poorly water-soluble test molecules. More importantly it was also possible to release the guest molecules quantitatively upon an external stimulus, in this case a change of the pH toward acidic values. This proof of principle demonstrates the potential of a supramolecular templated dendrimer, based on the guanidiniocarbonylpyrrole carboxylate zwitterion as the binding motif, for encapsulation and potentially even the transport of poorly water-soluble drugs.


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