A single-center experience in radioembolization as salvage therapy of hepatic metastases of uveal melanoma

Background:Overall survival (OS) of patients with hepatic metastases of uveal melanoma is strongly linked with hepatic tumor control. Due to the lack of an effective systemic chemotherapy, locoregional therapies like radioembolization should play an increasingly important role.
Purpose: To report complications and response rates of radioembolization as salvage therapy for hepatic uveal melanoma metastases.
Material and Methods: Between October 2006 and January 2014, eight patients (age, 59.1 ± 15.3 years; 5 men) with histologically proven uveal melanoma and hepatic metastases received radioembolization with glass microspheres at a single center. All patients had been heavily pretreated with multiple systemic/locoregional therapies resulting in a long median interval between diagnosis of hepatic metastases and radioembolization (17.1 months; range, 6.4-23.2 months). Follow-up consisted of clinical assessment, laboratory tests and tri-phasic computed tomography (CT) before and 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after radioembolization. Response to therapy was evaluated by CT using RECIST version 1.1 and by survival time. Safety (laboratory and clinical toxicity) was rated according to Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events 4.03. Using Kaplan-Meier analysis time to progression of hepatic metastases (hTTP) and OS were calculated.
Results: One month after radioembolization 50% of patients presented with stable and 50% with progressive disease. Median hTTP and OS after radioembolization were 4.3 weeks (range, 3.4-28.6 weeks) and 12.3 weeks (range, 3.7-62.6 weeks), respectively. Median OS after diagnosis of hepatic metastases was 19.9 months (range, 7.3-31.4 months). Radioembolization was tolerated well in all patients without toxicity higher than grade 2.
Conclusion: Radioembolization is a safe salvage therapy even in heavily pretreated hepatic metastases of uveal melanoma.


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Schelhorn, J., Richly, H., Ruhlmann, M., Lauenstein, T.C., Theysohn, J.M., 2016. A single-center experience in radioembolization as salvage therapy of hepatic metastases of uveal melanoma. https://doi.org/10.1177/2047981615570417
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