Non-enhanced T1-weighted liver vessel imaging at 7 Tesla

Objectives Aim of the study was to assess the feasibility and to compare three non-enhanced T1-weighted (w) sequences for liver vessel imaging at 7 Tesla (T). Material and Methods 12 healthy volunteers were examined on a 7 T whole-body MR-system. The following non-enhanced sequences were acquired: T1w 2D FLASH, T1w 3D FLASH and Time of flight (TOF)-MRA. Qualitative image analysis was performed by two radiologists including over all image quality as well as vessel delineation of the liver arteries, liver veins and portal vein and the presence of artifacts using a five-point scale (5 = excellent vessel delineation to 1 = non-diagnostic). Contrast ratios (CR), SNR und CNR of the above named vessels in correlation to adjacent liver tissue were calculated for quantitative assessment. For statistical analysis, a Wilcoxon Rank Test was applied. Results All three sequences provided a homogenous hyperintense delineation of the assessed liver vessels. Qualitative image analysis demonstrated the superiority of TOF-MRA, providing best overall image quality (TOF 4.17, 2D FLASH 3.42, 3D FLASH 3.46; p<0.01) as well as highest image quality values for all analyzed liver vessel segments. TOF-MRA was least impaired by B1 inhomogeneity (4.13) and susceptibility artifacts (4.63) out of all three sequences (p<0.01). Quantitative image analysis confirmed the superiority of TOF MRA showing significant higher CR values for all liver vessels (e.g. right hepatic artery TOF 0.47, 2D FLASH 0.09, 3D FLASH 0.11 with p = 0.02 and 0.01, respectively). Providing the lowest standard deviation in noise, TOF showed highest values for SNR and CNR. Conclusions Non-enhanced T1w imaging in general and TOF MRA in particular, appear to be promising techniques for high quality non-enhanced liver vessel assessment at 7 T.


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Fischer, A., Kraff, O., Maderwald, S., Beiderwellen, K., Ladd, M.E., Forsting, M., Lauenstein, T.C., Umutlu, L., 2014. Non-enhanced T1-weighted liver vessel imaging at 7 Tesla.
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