SmartER EUROPE Conference Proceedings 2015

The SMARTER-EUROPE Conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for presenting and discussing recent advances and experiences in building and using new IT-based solutions for Smart Grids and Smart Markets. For this, the conference provides a forum for different scientific disciplines. Furthermore, it will enable an industrially relevant exchange of knowledge and experience. In particular, it includes (but is not limited to) the following areas and topics of interest:

  • Smart Grid, Smart Home and Network Automation
  • Decentralized control systems
  • Stability in Energy Grids
  • Distributed Optimization in Energy Networks
  • Multi-Agent Systems and Multi-Agent based simulations
  • Self-aware, self-configuring or self-healing energy systems
  • Simulation of Smart Grids
  • Approaches for Hybrid Energy Networks (Interactions and exchange between networks for electricity, gas, heat and other)
  • Assistance Systems for Smart Energy control Smart Data Handling
  • Alternative Data Storing and Proceeding Technologies
  • Big Data
  • Software Tools for Smart Energy Networks
  • Data Security
  • Data Structures and required Standards
  • Mobile Solutions Smart Markets, Trading and Business models
  • Forecasts / Predictions
  • Management of distributed generation and storage
  • Distributed planning processes for energy networks
  • Products and User Interfaces
  • Business Models
  • Competition analysis
  • Process Management
  • Electric Mobility
  • Solar Home Storage Systems
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SmartER EUROPE Conference Proceedings


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